Rare Disease Patients Organization in China

On behalf of the 90 million Chinese who live with one or more of the 7,000 rare diseases


The Rare Disease Patients Organization in China (RDPOC), is a young organization established in 2014 Christmas , We a unique federation of voluntary health organizations dedicated to helping people with rare diseases in China and assisting the organizations and individual to the identification, treatment, and cure of rare disorders through programs of education, advocacy, research, cooperation and other services.

RDPOC also is a non-profit organization. Its primary sources of funding include grants and contracts, contributions, and fund-raising event. and some services .

RDPOC believes in the power of collaboration. It is the foundation upon which us was built. our works with partners in the patient community, government, academia, and industry who share the ultimate goal of identifying, treating, and curing rare diseases.

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In 2013 More Than 450 Medicines in Development for
Rare Diseases
But there only few available in China

We are seeking the exist new Medicines treament to deliver therapies in China for rare diseases patients

Rare diseases are relatively new in China. Problems have arisen in low-level medical research and treatment, poor access to orphan drugs and lack of social security policies concerning rare diseases.

Chinese patients who live with rare diseases most approved treatment options not be available in China. In these cases, Chinese patients may not benefit from access to investigational new drugs and treament.

RDPOC works closely with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in China and We encouragement to find international cooperation to provide Chinese patients with information about clinical trials and also the exist new medicines treament to deliver therapies in China for rare diseases patients

We top strategic decisions to cooperate with the company’s rare disease research and development activities through the establishment of a gene therapy platform to investigate potential treatments for rare diseases patients in China.

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BEIJING - Nearly 10 million patients suffering from rare diseases in China are facing difficulties receiving proper diagnosis and treatment,Some patients gave up treatment even though imported medicine was available, adding that costly drug prices as well as incomplete medical security are major barriers.


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