RDPOC serves all stakeholders in the rare disease community, including patients and their families, patient organizations, researchers, medical professionals, and companies developing related products. We also work closely with many government and Department of health in China, All RDPOC programs are focused on one ultimate goal- to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by rare diseases.



RDPOC  provides information about rare diseases through its publications, website, and other educational offerings.  One of its most important resources is the Diagnosis and treatment salon, is a regular sharing meeting with Experts for patients and their families that includes information on symptoms, causes, treatments, clinical trials, and links to other sources of help. RDPOC also publishes a small collection of physician’s booklets on selected rare diseases. 



RDPOC works collaboratively with Patient organizations or Patient group , providing opportunities for them to join together make contact each other and encourage each other. PDPOC also providing opportunities for them to have meeting with Experts for patients and their families.



Through our expert team and contact, RDPOC provides assist patients to treatment in overseas base for rare disease treatment method or Clinical trials has been a breakthrough in the world RDPOC will also assist the patients completed the preliminary check in China.



RDPOC partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to ensure that certain vital medications are available to uninsured or under-insured individuals. RDPOC ’ s programs have set the standard for fairness, equity, and unbiased eligibility and earned high marks from patient communities, pharmaceutical companies, health-care professionals, government officials, and the public. RDPOC assistance programs for people who can’t afford their Treatment cost and travel assistance programs, since patients with rare diseases often must travel great distances to participate in clinical trials.



The Program of Genetic data analysis this project is to advocate a spirit of self-reliance and be Independent,For some adult rare disease or disability who able to operate the computer , RDPOC provide employment opportunities, make patients integration into society, reflecting their own social value.

Event & News

BEIJING - Nearly 10 million patients suffering from rare diseases in China are facing difficulties receiving proper diagnosis and treatment,Some patients gave up treatment even though imported medicine was available, adding that costly drug prices as well as incomplete medical security are major barriers.


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